​ Male Pup  -  See below


 McNab's are smart, quick and aiming to please.   They make excellent cow dogs or agility dogs.  

One of my pups was made into a Service Dog and the trainers were amazed on how fast she learned and how much she learned.

 Female Pup - See below

Taking Orders for Black & White McNab pups due end of March 2018.  First litter was sold prior to being born.

        Text 208-695-5081 or call landline 208-495-1040

         email: morrph@m2horse.com

Male pup,  , I think he is saying pick me.

Female pup,     She is a beauty.

I'm working on getting a video put together to show you how McNabs work.  Just got the Go-Pro so it might take me a bit to figure it out.


 ​Pup #4

Purebred McNab Puppies

​2018 Litter