Shelby was born April 16th, 2016.  She has so much cow in her it's a pain in the leg to keep track of her.  She is a little to smart for her britches.  She has learned she can separate the calves from the cow at feeding time and herd them around.  She's been doing this for months and we have to watch her like a hawk.  She is too young to be out there competing with livestock.  She has the basics down, No, Here, Sit and Down.  Will start teaching her directions very soon.  Very strong head instinct and already has bite to match her determination to work cows.

We will not raise any puppies with her until she is 1 1/2 years of age or by her second heat.  Pups should be Red & White.  The next cycle Shelby will be bred and should have Red & White pups for you to choose from.

McNab Dog's Pedigree

Gem - Female McNab,  dob 07/04/12

                                Kampen Toby

Morriss Gem Stone

Black & White

                                Kampen Sage

                                                                          Williams Cody          

                                              Williams Laddy

                                                                           Williams Ruby

                     Williams Benjy


                                              Williams Zeena  


Morriss Jake                                                    

Red & White

                      Williams Abby


                            Williams Dillon

Morriss Shelby

Red & White

                            Williams Lilly

Jake is a typical McNab Cattledog, very strong head instincts and a lot of endurance.  He is out of Gary Williams bloodlines which trace back to some of the original McNabs from the McNab Ranch.

Jake - Male McNab, dob 01/19/14

Gem also has the very strong head instinct with a lot of bite.  She has a naturally bobtail and works cows as well as any male dog.  Jake and Gem compliment one another when working cattle.  Gem is a year and a half older than Jake so she has more experience and drives the cattle better while Jake keeps them together not allowing cows to break and run.  They are very smart and easy to work with. 

Shelby - Female McNab, dob 04/16/16